2015 TINVOM Conference

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Open Invitation to all concerned parties

Dear All,

Invitation to Join our new forum on Translation Studies and Practice

I have the pleasure to inform you that a new web site on culture and translation studies and practice has been launched  to assist translators, translation teachers and experts from Tunisia and elsewhere in the world to gather, collaborate and help each other. Each one of you who has some valuable information, tools, or resources can provide it to the rest of the translation and culture community. Therefore, you are kindly invited to actively participate in this new forum.

A number of translation scholars, teachers and experts decided to create something to gather them, help them and keep them in touch with the future of  the world of translation and culture. It will be an excellent forum for us to learn from, and support each other, in these areas.

Because it is still new, you are kindly requested to provide us with your feedback on it and send us any relevant materials on translation and culture, in the form of news, glossaries, articles, links to other useful web sites, announcements, or photos, or other kinds of resources.

As you can see, the web site is still in the test phase and a number of problems  have not been resolved yes. We apologize for these inconveniences.

We welcome your active participation and involvement as very relevant and valuable to culture, translation Info, studies and practice.

Please feel free to contact Mr. Hammouda Salhi, at hammouda_s@hotmail.com (email) or (+216) 20 191 585 (mobile) or should you have any enquiries on the Forum.

With warmest regards,

Yours sincerely,

Hammouda Salhi

Coordinator of the Forum