2015 TINVOM Conference

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Who We Are

 During the International Conference on "Translation Challenges: From Training to Profession" held in Hammamet on 28-29 November, 2008, a number of translation scholars, teachers and professionals decided to create a network to connect them, and other parties, and facilitate massive online collaboration between global stakeholders in the world of translation, interpretation and culture .

So, they decided first to launch this web site to serve as a means of communication between themselves. The current team (whose list is still open to potential candidates) include the following:

Federico Zanettin (Italy)

Mohamed Mansouri (Tunisia)

Manoubia Meski (Tunisia)

Sara Laviosa (Italy)

Dorothy Kenny (Ireland)

Hammouda Salhi (Tunisia)

Souleiman Al-Abbas (Jordan)

Rimah Al-Hakim (Syria)

Ali Lamouchi (Tunisia)

Jean-Marie Le Ray (France)

Ines Attouchi (Tunisia)

Anoir Jamaoui (Tunisia)

Otunuyi Abdul kebeer Tihamiyun (Nigeria)

Mohamed Karray (Tunisia)

Ahmed Dhiab (Tunisia)

Adel Ben Nasr (Tunisia)

Imed Chikhaoui (Tunisia)

Mohamed Belarbi Elkebich (Algeria)

Abdelkader Charef (Algeria)


NB: the list of the team is still open. all concerned persons and parties are called upon to join our team